Electronics Sirens (ECN-D)

The ECN-D electronic siren is the perfect solution for siren networks and large industrial complexes.

The high-performance ECN-D siren family has been designed for complex warning systems, such as national or regional mass warning and notification systems or for warning systems in refineries. The latest technology based on digital amplifiers and our many years of experience in the development of electronic sirens has been incorporated into this new siren generation.

During development, the focus was on combining functional flexibility with a high level of reliability and simple, cost-effective maintenance – for a cost-optimised and dependable warning system based on electronic sirens. This includes, for example, the extremely efficient amplifier with efficiency of over 97%. This significantly reduces power consumption in the event of an alarm and therefore allows for the use of smaller batteries. The modular design ensures that the optimum solution is always found regardless of the conditions in the area that needs to be covered.


Applications :  

  • Warning Systems for Plants at Risk of Major Incidents
  • Warning System for Cities and Municipalities 
  • Sirens for Fire Stations 
  • National Siren Warning Systems
  •  Tsunami Warning Systems
siren control unit

Siren Control Centers


CCCS control and monitoring software for siren control centers provides a comprehensive overview


The CCCS siren control software is a complete siren control and monitoring system and therefore a key element of your PC-based siren control centre. This siren control software, which has been specially developed by HÖRMANN Warnsysteme – in collaboration with customers from civil protection – for monitoring and controlling siren warning systems, incorporates essential prerequisites for safe and fast operation: It is simple and intuitive to use. With the CCCS control and monitoring software for sirens, you have an overview of all the sirens in your warning system on a GIS-based map and can activate sirens quickly and reliably in an emergency. The software displays the system status of each individual siren and enables targeted activation of individual or multiple sirens in seconds. Various user groups with freely selectable authorization levels and sophisticated approval mechanisms offer maximum security and prevent alarms being triggered accidentally.

Siren Remote Control Units

Reliable siren control in BOS radio networks

The decades-worth of experience at HÖRMANN Warnsysteme GmbH in the area of radio communication, sirens, siren control centres and accessories has also been incorporated into the development of the TSE and DSE siren remote control units.

Siren remote control units are telecontrol receivers for BOS radio networks that are specially developed for siren control. They enable secure and simple triggering of sirens through higher-level control centres. Depending on the design and the protocol used, the communication can be unidirectional or bidirectional. If used in two-way radio networks, such as BDBOS (TETRA) digital radio, monitoring and sending feedback to the responsible authorities is possible in addition to siren triggering.

Secure operation, protection against sabotage and ease of use are fundamental requirements that are implemented as a matter of course. The devices also stand out due to their robustness in the face of high-frequency or magnetic field radiation and their wide temperature range. Depending on the model, the device can operate independently of the mains via a rechargeable battery.