Process Chemicals


We provide wide range of chemicals required for the industry .Some of them are  Sodium Phosphate , Catalyst ceramics Ball ,Active Alumia

Demitro pad ,carbon 

Attaplugus Clay

Attapulgite clay is a mixture of clay and non-clay minerals with its primary clay mineral being Palygorskite, a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate. AMI selectively mines from extensive deposits in the North Florida, Southern Georgia area which are unique in the world for their consistent morphology of the Palygorskite particles

Rock Salt

Industrial rock salt is an essential raw material in industrial applications. PDV industrial salt is an indispensable component for manifold industrial and commercial processes.

Activated Carbon

We have complete line of activated carbon made from coal, coconut shell and wood for most vapor phase and air applications. These include impregnated carbons for specialty applications and high capacity non-impregnated carbon for H2S control. In addition, our specialty medias are ideal for the treatment of many contaminants that activated carbon may struggle with. Orders of bulk activated carbon 

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